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Bubble Boy

Thankfully me and Bob Lemon crossed paths right before COVID hit, so we thought calling this EP "Bubble Boy" was a way to pay tribute to our collaborative origins.

We are all about turning bad times into good times, and I think this EP really captures that given the timing, let's go through the highlights!

1. Missed Messages

When Bob Lemon first sent me this track I told myself 'lets get REAL cheesy with it' and I leaned all the way in singing 'baaaybayyy' right as the chorus hit 😂

Apparently cheese is delicious 🧀, because it became our most popular song by a landslide 🎵 over a million streams and counting!

Flew 'Bob Lemon' out to Orlando while I was living there to shoot this outdoor performance - for the sun-filled vibes ☀️ (the camera was a bit shakey so we turned it into a cool effect 🎥)

2. Cheating Death

I've had more than my fair share of near-death experiences (it's a miracle I'm still here tbh 😂).

One of those times it felt like I could have just given up, but I had a moment where I got to say "nope, I'm not done yet", I feel blessed to reflect on that moment while writing this song.

Dedicated this song to one of my best friends who is no longer with us, he loved indie rock + dubstep and we shared some of my favorite concert experiences together ❤️

3. How Far

This song isn't technically on the 'Bubble Boy' EP, but it is the first song me and Bob Lemon ever collaborated on, and I always wished we had held off on releasing it so it could have been included.

Easily one of my favorite songs we did, a funky jam about reaching for your potential no matter what is coming at you. So many dance music songs are just about partying (which is great), but I wanted to put some inspiration into a track for when I needed it later.

We got my drummer Dan from Dabs and Drums and we put everyone in different rooms of our Detroit home. We plugged in our whole light show for a flashy performance.

Thanks for jamming!!!
Talk to you soon

- The Dropout

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