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A Day in The Life

(I should clarify: I don't actually eat sand or flies)

I get asked 'why would you move into an RV?!'

It's been a decision that has negatively affected most of the metrics that other people would measure my life: finances/social status/all that crap that doesn't actually matter in the grand scheme.

But I love it, I often feel like I could never go back to living in a normal house 😂 it's changed my relationship with everything I do and forced to adapt to situations on the road that have taught me invaluable lessons.

It's been a huge benefit to my health

I wake up with the sun, I breathe the cleanest air, I can usually find a farm nearby with real cheap organic food, and there's something about beautiful views that just keep me calm and centered.

There's the occasional night where I have to sleep overnight in a truck stop parking lot (while questioning every decision I've ever made in my life 😂) but that struggle is also what makes reaching a new destination so rewarding.

I don't think this lifestyle is for everyone, but I really love it.

Since that's my theme this week, here's a song I wrote about finding your own adventure:

Talk to you soon!

- The Dropout

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