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Throwback: The Postman

I specifically remember a few weeks before this, I ate a bunch of magic mushrooms with my dog 'Jake'.

Jake the dog
We were inside a blanket fort and Jake (the dog) started talking to me about life:

"Do you ever feel like when you're growing up, the bigger you get in this world, just makes you more aware of how small you really are?"

And then Jake teleported us inside of a giant onion, and every layer of the onion just revealed a deeper onion-y layer.

Jake's billowing voice echo'd: "just like Shrek, life has many layers."

And so when I sobered up I wrote an EP and called it 'Jakes Infinite Onion', but I didn't know how to really make music at all yet, so this Postman song was the only thing I kept.

As you can imagine after that experience, I was feeling very close with my dog + was 100% ready to fight anyone who would disrespect his eternal wisdom, like that fucking postman.

Jake the dog 2

Miss ya buddy ❤️

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