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House Music?!

Wave Point and The Dropout

I grew up in Detroit

And in Detroit, we love house music.

Wave Point (Bryan Jones) is one half of the legendary Detroit house duo: 'Golf Clap'.

I got lucky coming across his Facebook post looking for vocalists at the right moment:

Facebook post 1Facebook post 2

He hit me up and asked me to record some scratch ideas, and within a few hours of back and forth we had our first track finished. It blew my mind how fast it came together:

Since it worked out so quickly, we decided to just go ahead and make an entire album. I was travelling all over the west coast in the RV, so it took us about 8 months, but alot of the themes in my travel made it into songs (lots of desert + ocean vibes).

If there's anything I can appreciate about Wave Point's production, it's how CLEAN they are. A proper house tune belongs on a massive sound system, and when the mix is this clean you can really crank it.

Wave Point is pretty big on posting music making tips to his Facebook group, check it out if you're a producer or DJ:

More to come soon, I promise!

- The Dropout

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