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Previously known as the lesser educated half of Nigel & The Dropout (a band made famous by Showtime’s “Shameless”, as well as the front pages of the infamous internet platforms: "The Pirate Bay" and "Reddit"). This high-school dropout put down the guitar and picked up an alto saxophone to paint his next chapter.

After leaving school at the age of 16, he taught himself to program computers to find work. Using those skills to later create musical interfaces and plugins to assist in music production, and to bring his generative projection and lighting art to the live stage.


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Ending Up in Unique Spaces: The Dropout's 'Bubble Boy'

"Each of these songs instigates the listener to dance—an enticing groove is established almost immediately on each track. Andrew’s saxophone is lithe and adrenalized as it ricochets off of an amalgam of synth samples and beats."

"Assemble Sound "Undone" Premiere"

“We wanted a mega super star and The Dropout was into it, so that’s how the track got started,” said Logix. “It was cool having him not only for the vocals, but also to add some guitar layers to the synths and rhodes.” Ficker immediately clicked with Pig Pen and Logix, adding his distinctive vocal inflection to their moonlit club beats. “I brought in some vocal scratch tracks, we just put the track on loop and recorded me jamming on guitar. We kept the stuff we liked and deleted what we didn’t, leaving it with a very laid back vibe,” said Ficker.

"MP3Hugger "Let It Go" Review"

The soft propulsion is palpable here and a sense of levity to suggest that there is a nuclear power plant powered by dandelion in the engine room. The vocals are a bit more grown up but that juxtaposition is half the charm. The other half comes in the shape of a sequence of brass moves that will drive all the cynicism from your being. It all suggests that this English accented Detroit artist has a flotilla of devices in his armoury to sweep all before him. Wonderful.

"Deep Cutz "Let It Go" Premiere/Interview"

With "Let It Go," he's blend in the surfy with the surreal; tighter percussion and finespun hooks harken to indie-rock, while the mobius-strip-winding synthesizers and ear-splashing reverb invite the escapism of an EDM's endless night into the blissed/blurred early morning hours. Just as he'd started with "Undone," earlier in the summer, the curtains and corners of the song's landscape have some softer, meditative intonations, but spurring down the center of it all is this revved-up and radiant percussive arrangement; the mind is mellowed but the body's unlocked to dance. It's a pretty smooth ride, but it's also nearly a rave!

“Vitamin D” by The Dropout

There’s something so amazing about the flow, the lyrics. the arrangement and the vocals in “Vitamin D” by The Dropout that simply makes it a song to remember. The track is playful and has something about it that simply connects with the listeners instantly. It tells a story that embraces a point in life which we all reach, one where love arrives and it’s all brand new and exciting. It paints a picture that we can see as the soundscape unfolds and the verses take shape and form in front of our eyes in a way that is so clear, refreshing and exciting. So just enter the world created, listen and enjoy!

Best of Both Worlds: Meshing Sounds with Detroit

Blending a melange of electronic beats and guitar-driven riffs, the two blur the lines between the city’s history of rock and techno to make something sonically interesting and singular.