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Hey there!

I am The Dropout

I'm an indie musician who has left the mainstream dream to follow my passion on the open road 🚐🎢

You might think I'm a little crazy (and you'd be right), but I'm doing another crazy thing right now and giving away all my old CD's for FREE.

πŸ‘‡ What you get: πŸ‘‡

  • πŸ“€ A free 'Old Parts, New Beginning' CD
  • β˜• A sample of our whole bean organic dark roast coffee (just enough for the perfect cup)
  • 🌟 Free stickers and a hand-drawn thank you note πŸ’Œ
  • 🎢 Download link to an unreleased demo from an upcoming new album 🎢
  • 🎁 20% Discount code for any future purchase at our merch store!

"wait, who are you again?"

βŒ„ I'm this guy right here βŒ„

The Dropout

(my real name is Andrew)
(and my music sounds like this)

I'm a self-taught vocalist, saxophone and guitar player, and my passion is for playing live music.

I've been doing this for a while (over 10 years!) and I've written over 6 albums. I've been lucky enough to be featured on my favorite TV shows like 'Shameless', my favorite websites like 'The Pirate Bay', and played my favorite music festivals like 'Electric Forest' and 'Hulaween'! 🎢

"...and why should I care?"

I get that just sounds like a resume, so here's my real story:

When COVID hit a couple years ago I got really sick, and I realized there's only so much time to make my dreams a reality.

I sold everything I owned and went full time into an off-the-grid RV to travel the country and play shows with my friends, making new ones (like you 🫡) along the way! 🚐

The Dropout

"...but why a CD?? It's 2023 my guy"

You never get nostalgic for the time when your CD collection was everything? You can hold the album, touch the art, something about it makes it all real.

In my opinion it is 100% cooler than sending a boring Spotify link (and who doesn't love stickers?!). Plus, if you don't drink coffee you can always re-gift it to your favorite bean junkie πŸ˜…

Image description

FREE?! 😲 What's the catch?

I do ask you to cover shipping and handling. I'd bet you spent more money on whatever you ate for lunch, and this CD will last much longer as long as you don't eat it πŸ₯ͺ

My real goal is to play music live for you one day, and if you grab a CD it tells me I have someone in that city that wants me to come play a show there!

The Dropout

β€œfuck this guy” πŸ–• money back guarantee

If you go through this whole process, and you’re somehow feeling like: β€œfuck this guy. hate his music, hate this cd thing, hate his bald-ass head, this wasn’t worth it.”

You can ask me to refund your shipping cost and I will, no questions asked.

The Dropout

^ just swipe right on this guy ^

If you're still reading you must be at least curious!

You'll get some dope goodies, get to hear some unreleased music, it'll push me to play shows in your city, and most importantly: you'll help me clear out some space in my living room πŸ˜… what are you waiting for?!